J Street Massachusetts Spring 2023 No Show Gala

To be pro-Israel in 2023 means standing with the hundreds of thousands of brave Israelis taking to the streets to defend their democracy. It means fighting to preserve the values that underpin the US-Israel relationship. It means standing up against the nightmare of permanent occupation and conflict and dangerous judicial reform. 

Before June 22, 2023, we invite you to not spend money on a ticket, a table, parking, child care or a new outfit. Instead, please make a fully tax-deductible gift to help J Street pursue our shared pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy mission throughout more communities, congressional districts and college campuses.


Giving Levels*

* Descriptions are real examples of the impact of your funding. While these gifts are not earmarked, they will be used to accomplish all of these program goals in 2023.

  • $18,000: Phantom Philanthropist – Support funding for our Israel office, where our talented and deeply knowledgeable staff create and lead our “life-changing” congressional delegations to Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza border.
  • $10,000: Absent Angel – Help fund our new Policy Center, which provides up-to-the-minute reports for media and congressional members and staffers and actionable guidance.
  • $5,000: Invisible Investor – Enable several J Street U students from around the country to gain leadership and organizing skills at our Summer Leadership Institute.
  • $3,600: Couch Crusader – Fund a J Street Tour for an Israeli or Palestinian leader to speak to several US communities about the realities on the ground.
  • $1,800: Recliner Revolutionary – Help make a short educational video detailing the impacts of the occupation on Palestinians’ lives and on a secure future for both peoples. 
  • $500: Homebody Hero – Contribute to our Summer Fellow Program, placing J Street U students in congressional offices to gain experience and facilitate a deeper connection with that representative to our work. 
  • $250: Armchair Ally – Help cover the cost of bringing an Israeli security expert to speak to members of Congress in person about the importance of ending the occupation for Israel’s future.
  • Other – Choose your own amount to support this critical work.