The Importance of Diplomacy-First Foreign Policy

Our Policy

J Street believes that American foreign policy should be grounded first and foremost in a commitment to diplomacy and multilateral engagement as the best tools to help resolve conflicts, safeguard democratic values and secure the interests and security of the US and our allies, in the Middle East and around the world.

Time and again, strong, proactive diplomatic engagement has proven to be the best tool to reduce tensions and violence, resolve long-term issues and avoid costly, destructive wars of choice. At the same time, foreign policy centered around belligerence, saber-rattling and contempt for international obligations and commitments only undermines US credibility and influence, isolates us from key allies, empowers our adversaries and undermines global stability.

Like the large majority of Americans and American Jews, we believe that the US is most influential and effective when it pursues and prioritizes diplomacy and engagement to improve lives, address threats and end conflicts, before considering the need to resort to use of military force.