President Obama’s Nowruz Message

March 23, 2009

Like many others, I was impressed by the leadership President Barack Obama demonstrated with his video message to the people of Iran and its leaders in advance of “Nowruz,” a New Year holiday celebrated by millions in Iran and around the world.

By reminding of us of “the common humanity that binds us together,” President Obama’s message also reminds us all of our mutual interest in regional peace and security.

The President’s message was a smart first step in the United States’ efforts to turn the page of US-Iran relations and pragmatically resolve our differences with Iran over their nuclear program, support for terror, and threats against Israel. Understandably, as Iran’s initial response demonstrates, our relations and differences with Iran will not be resolved in a single day or with a single gesture, no matter how potent the message or messenger. J Street stands ready to help the President make a real push for smart, tough diplomacy with Iran to resolve issues of mutual concern and to protect our ally Israel.