Huge Turnout for Boston Event

November 19, 2010



A small number of motivated activists recently convinced Temple Beth Avodah outside Boston to cancel an event at the synagogue where Jeremy Ben-Ami was meant to speak.

J Street leaped into action by circulating a “We Will Not Be Silenced” petition that garnered over 10,000 signatures in ten hours.

As happens whenever opponents try to shut us out, we grow bigger and stronger.

The community and media have been on our side. Public Radio in Boston (WBUR) led with the story, the Boston Jewish Community Relations Council defended us, the Boston Globe carried favorable commentary and the local Jewish Advocate wrote a positive editorial. Even the Rabbi at the synagogue in question has been carrying the message of the need for open dialogue.

The event went on as planned at a school down the block — and hundreds of people packed the hall, practically hanging from the rafters.

We’re keeping our “We Will Not Be Silenced” petition open, because every day, in every community around the country, our friends and allies are fighting similar battles. Every time they run into the stonewall of resistance, we want them to be able to say that they are not alone – that thousands upon thousands of pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans want our voices heard in the communal and national conversation on Israel.