J Street Applauds Appointment of Rob Malley as US Special Envoy for Iran

January 29, 2021

J Street applauds the Biden administration’s appointment of Rob Malley to serve as US Special Envoy for Iran. Malley’s distinguished career and impressive talents make him the perfect choice to take on such a vital role at a critical time.

The Trump administration’s disastrous decision to stop complying with the JCPOA and its failed ‘maximum pressure’ campaign have left President Biden facing a serious foreign policy challenge. Thanks to the Trump administration, Iran is no longer in full compliance with the agreement, the US has been isolated from our partners in the P5+1 coalition and the threat that Iranian forces pose to the interests of the US and our allies has only grown worse.

In the coming weeks, the Biden administration will need to work diligently to ensure that both the US and Iran return to full compliance with the JCPOA — and thereby prevent Iran from ever developing a nuclear weapon. It will need to help rebuild a coalition and diplomatic process capable of extending the agreement and addressing additional challenges and threats including the Iranian regime’s behavior in the region, its human rights violations and other concerns.

As a widely-respected diplomat, national security expert and human rights defender who was among the lead negotiators of the JCPOA, Malley is well-suited to play a major role in this urgent effort. J Street has been honored to work with him at many junctures during his career. We have no doubt that he will approach this role with the necessary urgency, nuance and competence. All those who care about the security of the United States, Israel and the wider region should be rooting for Malley and his colleagues to succeed in their mission.

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