J Street Condemns Abhorrent Violence Against Critics of the Palestinian Authority

July 8, 2021

J Street is deeply concerned over the increase in political violence against critics of the Palestinian Authority in recent weeks, including the death of activist Nizar Banat, violence against protestors documented by the New York Times, and the arrests of Diala Ayesh and Mays Abu Ghosh.

We unreservedly condemn these appalling attacks against political opponents and urge the Palestinian Authority to respect the political and human rights of Palestinians and to commit to providing accountability, justice, transparency and due process in these and all other matters.

The United States must be consistent in pressing all authorities in the region to respect the full civil and political rights of the Palestinian people — including the rights to political debate, peaceful assembly and self-determination. Palestinians must be free to voice dissent without fear of harassment or violence.

J Street urges the US and Israeli governments to work with Palestinian leaders to facilitate the ability of the Palestinian people to hold free and fair elections, recognizing that democratic participation is a critical element of full self-determination.

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