J Street condemns incitement on Palestinian children’s program

June 2, 2015

J Street adamantly and consistently condemns incitement and racism whenever and wherever they occur in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

A recent episode of a children's program on official Palestinian television called Jews and Israelis, among other things, "the most evil of creations," “filth” and “barbaric monkeys.”

The use of this kind of rhetoric – far too common in Palestinian media – is morally offensive and dangerous, particularly when paired with calls for return to Israeli cities such as Tel Aviv and Haifa. Such rhetoric not only teaches hatred of Jews to Palestinian children, it undermines the chances for a two-state peace that is the official policy of the Palestinian Authority.

We strongly urge the Palestinian Authority to end all such incitement in its media, and again call on it, Israel and the US to revisit a proposal for a trilateral commission to address the issue of incitement more broadly.