J Street Marks Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut

May 5, 2014

Today we mark Yom HaZikaron–Israeli Memorial Day–and remember those who have fallen in service to the State of Israel. We join with Israelis and Jews everywhere in honoring their ultimate sacrifice.

Tonight at sunset, we will ring in Yom Ha’atzmaut–Israeli Independence Day–and rejoice in the state’s many achievements since its birth.

The linked holidays remind us that the dream of Israel was not realized overnight–millions of men and women have had a hand in building it and too many have fought and died to preserve it. Indeed, this work is yet unfinished. Sixty-six years after Israel’s founding, its conflict with its neighbors persists, and its survival as a democratic, Jewish homeland hangs in the balance.

Each year, as the Memorial Day sirens echo across Israel, everything is still. Here in America, those of us committed to Israel’s future also pause to reflect.

As we mark Independence Day, let us recall that in every generation, Israel is as strong as those who support it. Israeli sons and daughters give their best years to military service, and around the world, we pledge our support to ensure the future of the state for which they sacrifice. This makes it all the more important to build a pro-Israel constituency that is inclusive and engaged, to provide a broad basis for people across our community to advocate for Israel in a way that is consonant with their values and vision for the Jewish homeland.

Today, let us rededicate ourselves to the hard work still yet to be done, to end the conflict that began many decades ago and to secure the dream for generations to come.

We wish you a meaningful Yom HaZikaron and a happy Yom Ha’atzmaut.