J Street Mourns Ron Pundak

April 11, 2014

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami released the following statement mourning the death of Ron Pundak:

“I had the tremendous privilege of knowing Ron Pundak for 20 years—as a colleague, a friend, and a founding member of J Street’s Israel advisory board. Losing him today is a blow to all of us around the world whose advocacy for a two-state solution was inspired and shaped by his vision.

Ron was the best kind of visionary – focused on what it would take to bring his vision to life. He did not just aspire to peace as an ideal. He made it his life’s work to delve into the details of the seemingly intractable issues at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to find the road to make peace possible.

All of us at J Street are deeply saddened that Ron did not live to see his vision realized. But we are also certain that when a two-state solution is ultimately reached, it will have been his legacy to have lit the way.”

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