J Street Mourns the Death of Israeli Feminist and Peacebuilding Pioneer Alice Shalvi

October 6, 2023

J Street is deeply saddened by the recent passing of Israeli feminist and peace activist Alice Shalvi. Shalvi, a legendary pioneer of women’s rights, shaped modern feminism in Israel, advocating tirelessly, passionately and effectively for the equal treatment of women in marriage, employment, education, healthcare and beyond.

Her activism also extended to her passionate support for Israeli-Palestinian peace and reconciliation. Her bravery and resolve in speaking out on these issues at times led to criticism or exclusion – yet she persisted tirelessly and with conviction, dedicated to human rights, equality and safety for all people.

Shalvi was an early supporter of our movement and engaged with J Street from its earliest days – we were deeply honored by her participation at a number of our early gatherings in Israel. She couldn’t have been more encouraging and supportive of our mission, and we treasure that support to this day.

May Alice’s inspiring, hopeful, egalitarian vision ultimately be realized in Israel, Palestine, here in the United States and across the world. And may her memory be a blessing.