J Street Opposes House CR That Slashes Funding for Humanitarian Aid, Security Assistance, Diplomacy

September 29, 2023

J Street strongly opposes the latest Continuing Resolution proposed today by the House majority. The bill, which makes a blanket 30% cut to the FY23 budget, with limited exceptions, is an extreme piece of legislation that does deep disservice to the American people, US global leadership, global security, and peacebuilding in the Middle East. 

The bill’s 30% funding cut to the State Department and USAID drastically undermines American diplomacy as well as security assistance to our partners in the Middle East and globally, including Israel and Palestinian security forces. This, alongside the blanket cut to the Economic Support Fund – the engine for vital humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people – will jeopardize stability in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territory, hinder the US’ ability to mediate and act as a reliable partner and leader, and ultimately harm our essential security interests globally.

We urge Members to oppose this bill.