J Street Saddened by Explosion in Jerusalem, Monitoring Situation

April 18, 2016

UPDATE: Israeli authorities have now confirmed that yesterday’s explosion was an act of terror. J Street strongly condemns this horrific act of violence, and we share the sentiments of Secretary of State John Kerry, who in last night’s speech at J Street’s National Gala said of the attack:

“These outrages are intended solely to instill fear, but I think everybody here knows – history has proven and we know it in our hearts and in our guts – they will never succeed in intimidating the Israeli people. But what this tragedy also does is underscores the importance of ending this conflict, so that Israelis and Palestinians can once and for all live side by side in peace and security.”


J Street is saddened by reports that up to 20 people were injured in an explosion in Jerusalem today.

Police initially suspected that this was an act of terror. They are now investigating to determine the cause of the explosion.

We are closely monitoring this situation. Our thoughts are with the injured and their families, and with the residents of Jerusalem currently living in an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.