J Street Urges Swift Senate Confirmation of Jacob L. Lew as Ambassador to Israel

October 18, 2023

J Street urges the US Senate to swiftly confirm Jacob L. “Jack” Lew to serve as the US Ambassador to Israel. In the wake of Hamas’ brutal terror attacks on Israel and in the midst of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and Israeli-Palestinian crisis, it is critical that the Senate act with urgency to fill the position of ambassador. We must have a capable, experienced, and effective ambassador on the ground in Israel – who is trusted by President Biden and maintains a direct line of communication with him – doing everything possible to promote security, uphold human rights and advance US interests.

Lew, President Biden’s extremely capable nominee for this post, testified today at a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. While the White House and Senate Democratic lawmakers rightly seek to fast-track his confirmation, some Republican lawmakers have indicated a disturbing and damaging willingness to slow down the process. Though Lew may not need Republican backing in a Democratic-majority Senate, strong bipartisan support would allow for a much-needed swift confirmation.

As we noted at the time of his nomination last month, Lew, who served as President Barack Obama’s White House Chief of Staff and Treasury Secretary, possesses skill, experience and an overwhelming commitment to the US-Israel relationship. He also has a proven track record of international and economic diplomacy that has made our country, our allies and the world safer. His measured and principled judgment as ambassador would be a great asset to both the US and Israel at this extremely challenging and dangerous time.