J Street Welcomes Letter to President Biden from 131 Members of Congress on Israel-Hamas War

October 20, 2023

J Street welcomes the letter sent this afternoon to President Biden from 131 Members of the House of Representatives, led by Congressmen Jerry Nadler, Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin, regarding American policy toward the Israel-Hamas war.

The letter thanks the President for his leadership and affirms support for Israel and the assistance it needs to defend itself, ensure the safe return of hostages and hold those who perpetrated these crimes against humanity to account.

Importantly, the letter makes the point that a commitment to Israel’s security is not incompatible with a commitment to the humanitarian needs of the innocent people of Gaza. The Members call on the administration to ensure that the basic necessities of life for Gaza’s civilians are met – food, water and medicine – and that non-combatants and civilians in Gaza have secure passage to safe zones in which to seek refuge.

The letter closes with a point that is central to J Street at this tragic time: “Even after this war between Israel and Hamas is over, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians cannot be solved ultimately by any military means.”

The letter demonstrates the strong consensus – at least in the Democratic Caucus of the House – that, when this crisis ends, there must be a renewed American effort to chart a path to a sustainable future that involves regional partners and is built on the notion that both Israelis and Palestinians deserve freedom, security, opportunity and dignity.

We note that this letter is signed by all Jewish Democratic Members of Congress and is a clear manifestation that the bulk of the Democratic Caucus remains united behind the President in his approach and shares a clear commitment to peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians.

We thank Representatives Nadler, Goldman and Raskin for their leadership.

Read the letter here.