J Street Appalled by West Bank Stabbing Attack and Jerusalem Violence​; Urges ​Immediate US Engagement to De-Escalate Situation​

July 21, 2017

J Street is appalled by a stabbing attack that has killed three members of an Israeli family in their own home in the West Bank settlement of Halamish, leaving a fourth family member wounded. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their loved ones at this terrible time.

With violence escalating throughout Jerusalem and the West Bank, we are deeply concerned for Israelis and Palestinians who have been and may yet be harmed. At a time when we need dialogue and negotiation to find a resolution to this crisis, we are ​dismayed to learn that President Abbas ​and ​the Palestinian Authority ​have announced that they are ​break​ing​ ​off ​contact​s​ with Israel. As J Street emphasized in our statement on the crisis earlier today, what is needed now from all parties is responsible leadership and an effort to de-escalate the situation and reach compromises. This action​ does nothing to move the situation in the right direction.

This critical situation is worsening by the hour, and lives are in danger. ​At moments like these, the United States has historically often played a vital role in helping to find a way toward de-escalation and compromise. We urge the Trump administration​ to step up play this role. Working with key partners in the international community, the Secretary of State and others in the administration should​ take immediate and intensive diplomatic ​steps​ to reduce tensions and work toward a peaceful end to this crisis.

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