Statement on Israeli Interception of Arms Ship in Mediterranean

November 5, 2009

J Street Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami released the following statement upon news that Israel intercepted a ship believed to have been carrying weapons from Iran to Hezbollah:

Yesterday’s interception by the Israeli navy of a ship carrying weapons, believed to be intended for Hezbollah and sent by Iran, underscores the very real security threats Israel faces on a daily basis.  It highlights, as well, the need for vigorous efforts by Israel, the United States, and the international community to combat weapons smuggling in the region – which J Street firmly supports. J Street condemns Iranian weapons smuggling and its continued support for violence against Israel.  These activities only reinforce how important it is that Iran not obtain nuclear weapons – and how important it is that the approach of engagement with Iran and nurturing international cooperation, taken by the Obama Administration and supported by Chairman Howard Berman, succeed. The lack of a lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab conflicts continues to provide an opening to incite further violence and terror against Israel that Israel’s enemies never hesitate to exploit. J Street reiterates our firm support for President Obama’s efforts to achieve true peace and security for Israel and its neighbors through two states and a comprehensive regional peace. Only such a resolution can ensure Israel’s lasting future as a safe, secure Jewish democracy.