Statement on J Street involvement in NY-16 Democratic Primary

January 26, 2024

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami issued the following statement:

We have been pleased to work with Congressman Bowman for over four years to promote a shared set of values and principles rooted in the pursuit of justice, equality and peace. The past few months have, however, highlighted significant differences between us in framing and approach.

J Street looks forward to continued dialogue with Congressman Bowman outside of the context of endorsement, and J Street has committed to make no endorsements in the primary race in 2024. J Street intends to model the ability to build a bridge and to engage with respect in civil discourse and debate over difficult and contentious issues and will continue to maintain an open and vibrant dialogue over policy. We remain deeply concerned by efforts to weaponize disagreement over Israel within American politics in ways that benefit the MAGA movement and others on the far right whose agenda we deeply oppose.

We continue to share with Congressman Bowman a fundamental belief that both the Israeli and Palestinian people deserve a better future than the never-ending cycle of violence to which they have been subjected over the past hundred years. We continue to share the belief that a two-state solution is the most practical means of achieving freedom, safety and self-determination for both peoples. A better future will only come about through diplomacy and negotiations, not military force.

We look forward to a continued working relationship with Congressman Bowman in Washington as we seek a better direction for American policy on the Middle East and on other vital issues.