Trump’s Proposed Aid Cuts to PA Security Forces Endanger Israelis and Palestinians in Order to Push Failed ‘Plan’

February 11, 2020

In response to President Trump’s FY2021 proposed budget that would eliminate vital US assistance to Palestinian security units and only partially restore it if Congress first funds elements of his already failed “peace plan”,  J Street Vice President of Government Affairs Dylan Williams issued the following statement:

“Palestinian security forces have long worked closely with Israel to combat terrorism. President Trump’s decision to condition vital assistance to these Palestinian forces on congressional funding of his sham ‘peace vision’ shows a dangerous disregard for the safety of both Palestinians and Israelis. As Israel’s own top security officials have made clear year after year, the Israeli-Palestinian security cooperation made possible by this US assistance plays a vital role in reducing terror attacks in and around the West Bank.

“It is a terrible irony that the president is playing games with this critical assistance at this time, jeopardizing Israel’s security just as unrest in the West Bank is rising following the release of his proposal — a proposal which has been met with widespread condemnation. As with his administration’s support for unilateral Israeli annexation of Palestinian territory and a host of other inflammatory missteps, the administration is once again making an already volatile situation far worse.

“Congress should reject the president’s budget request and fully restore this vital assistance, along with robust aid benefiting Israeli security, the Palestinian people, and foreign assistance and diplomacy worldwide.”

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