Response to Macalester Film Screening

November 17, 2017

Last night, the J Street U chapter at Macalester co-hosted a showing of a film called “The Occupation of the American Mind.”

The chapter has made clear that the film does not align with J Street’s values and perspective. The film presents a troublingly one-sided account of the conflict. In the discussion following the film, our student leaders provided their perspective on the film and the issues it raised to the 12 students who attended the screening.

J Street does not endorse the views presented in this film and our participation in the event does not in any way indicate our agreement with its content.

As a matter of policy, J Street will only co-sponsor programs that advance our agenda, reflect our principles and promote a civil and respectful community conversation. We are happy to participate in open discussions and debate with those with whom we disagree. We are pleased that the students who participated in this event countered the arguments that they heard in a civil discussion. This is a far better way of dealing with films with which we disagree than pressing for a film not to be shown or boycotting its showing.

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