Smearer-in-Chief Turns Away J Street Bagels

January 15, 2013

J Street activists delivered dozens of bagels and a check for $350 Tuesday to the Capital Area Food Bank as part of our “Smear a bagel, not Chuck Hagel” campaign.

Over 6,600 people took action, telling their Senators they opposed the character assassination of the Vietnam veteran and former Senator who is President Obama’s nominee to head the Pentagon.

For every 18 people that took action, J Street donated the cash equivalent of one bagel in honor of Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, who along with Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin and former State Department official Elliott Abrams, have headed the anti-Hagel smear campaign.

We tried to deliver a dozen bagels and cream cheese to Kristol’s office but our representatives were turned away.

Our campaign, which was widely picked up by national and international media, has sent a message to Capitol Hill. Since we began, Sens. Carl Levin, Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer have all come out in favor of Hagel’s confirmation.

J Street looks forward to Hagel taking office and hopes he joins President Obama and Secretary of State nominee John Kerry in pushing for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all.

See the pictures below, and check out coverage of our campaign in POLITICO, Bloomberg, ThinkProgress, and The Hill.

J Street Delivers Bagels to Capital Area Food Bank J Street Activists Turned Away From Weekly Standard Offices
J Street delivers bagels to the Capital Area Food Bank as part of our “Smear a bagel, not Chuck Hagel” campaign J Street is turned away trying to delivery bagels to the Weekly Standard offices for the next time they want to smear something.