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Jeremy Ben-Ami
on January 29, 2017

On Friday, I solemnly wrote that President Trump’s signing of an executive order against refugees would mark a dark day in American history.

But I also expressed hope that history might record it as a day when Americans stood up and refused to give in to fear and intolerance.

I couldn’t possibly have imagined the response we’ve seen. Thousands of protesters flocked to airports across the country, lawyers showed up to give free services to detainees and organizations roundly condemned the order.

At Dulles Airport, where I joined protests last night, a veteran handed a purple heart to a man whose wife — a legal resident — was detained under Trump’s executive order. “This is what America is all about,” the man proclaimed. What we’ve seen over the past 24 hours proves he’s right.

Great work is being done throughout this country. Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Show up

People are standing up. Protests and solidarity actions are taking place across the country today and in the coming days.

Find a protest to join here.

2. Donate

Civic institutions are standing up. The ACLU won an important stay last night, but it has many legal battles ahead to defeat Trump’s executive order. Meanwhile, organizations like HIAS and the International Rescue Committee are fighting the order here, and working to support refugees abroad.

Chip in and we’ll divide all proceeds between these three groups.

3. Add your name

Members of Congress are standing up — but we need more of them to speak out. Last night, Members of Congress — including many J Street endorsees — went to airports and joined the protests. It’s a great start. But we need all Representatives and Senators of conscience to do everything they can to oppose Trump’s anti-refugee order.

Sign our petition asking your Members of Congress to fight. Already signed? Ask your friends to add their names.

Other ideas? Write us at [email protected].

Thank you for demonstrating where our community and our country really stands.

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