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Coverage of the March of Hope, October 4-19, 2016

During the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot, Women Wage Peace organized the March of Hope; thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women marched across Israel to demand their governments return to peace negotiations.

See below for media coverage of the tremendous event.

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Give Peace a Chance: Why All of Us Must Be Part of the Process

Reform Judaism Blog 11/2/16

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein participated in the March of Hope, and wrote about his experience: "So we have to march, and sing, and support grassroots efforts at cooperation and mutual understanding."

Thousands Finish Women's Peace March with Plea for Action at Netanyahu's Door

Haaretz 10/20/16

Yair Ettinger reports on the October 19 rally, quoting Hadassah Froman, resident of the settlement of Takoa and survivor of a stabbing attack, "We all need to overcome and to take responsibility and start working hard for the sake of life."

We have a partner among Palestinian Women

Ynet 10/20/16

In this op-ed, Zeruya Shalev reflects on her experience marching alongside Palestinian women, "I seem to detect an awakening among Palestinian women, as well as among Israeli women...all of us here today are reclaiming the right to hope."

'We Cannot Count on men to Create Peace. We Have to Do It Ourselves.'

Haaretz 10/20/16

Eetta Prince Gibson quotes a few of the thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women who attended the rally at Qasr al-Yehud on Wednesday, October 19th. “We are political women calling on our leaders to reach a political agreement."

These Israeli Women Marched from the Lebanese Border to Jerusalem. Here's Why.

Washington Post 10/19/16

Ruth Eglash writes about WWP rallies in Jericho and Jerusalem. "The group is made up of women from across the political spectrum... At the rally, many held banners reading, “Right,Center and Left are all calling for an agreement."

Thousands of women rally for Israel-Palestinian peace

Ynet 10/19/16

Yael Freidson describes WWPs moving rally outside of the President's residence in Jerusalem which called on political leaders to forge a peace agreement, and featured inspiring speaker and survivor of a stabbing attack Hadassah Fromen.

200 women demand peace agreement on Israel's Lebanese border

Ynet 10/18/16

Ahiya Raved details the Women Wage Peace March near the Lebanon border on Tuesday, October 18th. Women marched carrying images of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty in 1979, with the words "Yes. It's possible." written above.

What Might Happen if Women in the Holy Land Waged Peace? We're About to Find Out

Haaretz 10/16/16

Bradley Burston echoes Women Wage Peace's hopeful message in this opinion piece: "There are thousands of women here determined to see all of this through to a peaceful end...I'm with them."

Women Wage Peace to walk across bridge in support of Israeli march

J Weekly 10/13/16

Hannah Rubin describes the San Fransisco solidarity march, and quotes WLF Steering Committee member Molly Freeman: "We are marching to inform and inspire U.S. Jews about the peace momentum in Israel — that it is there and it is female.”

Yom Kippur for the Peace Camp

Matzav Blog 10/11/16

Ned Lazarus reflects on 50 years of occupation, and the need to diversify the Israeli Peace Camp: "Promising work is already happening along these lines...a diverse group of Arab and Jewish Israeli women are leading 'Marches of Hope.'"

Jewish-Arab Women's Peace Group Delivers Political Message While Avoiding Politics

Haaretz 10/10/16

Judy Maltz writes, "During the March of Hope, Palestinian and Jewish women walk from northern Israel to Jerusalem in support of a peaceful solution to the conflict."

2,000 Women Begin Two-week March for Peace to End in Mass Rally in Jerusalem

Haaretz 10/5/16

Judy Maltz describes the moving opening ceremony for the March of Hope on October 5th, 2016 in which women from around the world set out on march from the Lebanese border to Jerusalem.

Hundreds of women march on Jerusalem for peace

Times of Israel 10/5/16

Stuart Winer reports on WWP's 2-week cross-country walk to the capital where, accompanied by Liberian Nobel laureate, they will demand an end to conflict.

From northern Israel to Jerusalem: 2,000 women march for peace

Ynet 10/5/16

Ahiya Raved quotes Jewish Israeli and Palestinian Israeli women walking in the March of Hope, "Everything is on us, this people, (on) how many masses go outside and come with us demanding a peace agreement."

Group staging 2-week-long march to call for peace accord between Israel and Palestinians

Women of the World via New York Times 10/3/16

Women of the World outline the several marches taking place around Israel over the next two weeks, culminating on October 19 with a large rally outside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu’s residence.

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