J Street’s Surveys of Jewish Likely Voters in FL & PA

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J Street's new polls of Jewish likely voters in the battleground states of Florida and Pennsylvania show that Joe Biden has a massive lead over President Trump. They also show that Jewish voters reject Trump's domestic and foreign agenda and align more with the policies of Biden and the Democratic Party.

Choice for president

By denomination (Florida):

Key Issues for Jewish likely voters in Florida

We asked Jewish likely voters in Florida about which TWO issues were most important in for deciding their vote between Biden and Trump. Only 6% listed Israel among their top two issues. 

Biden is more trusted by Jewish likely voters in Florida to deal with antisemitism & white nationalism

Biden is, in fact, more trusted on a wide range of issues:

Jewish likely voters in Florida support reentering the Iran deal

There’s broad support for the two-state solution across denominations


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J Street has conducted exit polling of Jewish voters for the past decade.