J Street Condemns Deadly Attack on Israeli Security Personnel at Har Adar

September 26, 2017

J Street condemns the killing of three Israelis shot this morning by a Palestinian gunman at the settlement of Har Adar.

The attacker opened fire while the victims were opening the doors of the settlement to allow in Palestinian workers, killing border police officer Solomon Gavriyah and civilian guards Youseff Ottman and Or Arish, while seriously wounding a third civilian.

Our thoughts today are with the families and loved ones of the slain officers, and we wish a full and speedy recovery to the injured.

We are disgusted that Hamas has already praised this attack as part of a violent “intifada.” There can be no justification for this horrific act of terror, which should be swiftly condemned by all parties, including the leadership of the Palestinian Authority. This violence will sadly only further inflame tensions, sow mistrust and empower extremists.

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