Election 2018

J Street played a major role in electing a new Congress that will check the president’s reckless foreign policy agenda and work toward a better future for Israelis and Palestinians and for our country.

After distributing a record-breaking nearly $5 million to candidates this election cycle, J Street scored major victories across the country on Election Day, helping propel candidates to victory in 136 races. Over 50% of the incoming House majority will be made up of J Street-backed candidates.


Incumbents indicated with bold text. JStreetPAC supported candidates shown in blue.


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J Street supported 136 winning candidates this cycle, including 30 victorious House challengers.


The Jewish Vote

A large majority of American Jewish voters oppose President Trump, oppose his abandonment of the Iran nuclear agreement and are concerned that his rhetoric and actions at home are emboldening anti-Semitism on the far right, according to J Street’s Election Day poll.

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