Election 2016

Election returns and J Street's polling proved that supporting bold diplomacy is not just smart policy. It's smart politics.


Incumbents indicated with bold text. JStreetPAC endorsees shown in blue.

JStreetPAC’s work in the 2016 election cycle demonstrates the political space that exists for a Middle East policy that puts diplomacy first – even in a challenging electoral environment. Not a single member of Congress who supported the Iran nuclear agreement was defeated by a detractor. And, JStreetPAC helped Tammy Duckworth unseat one of the deal’s most vocal opponents in the Senate.

Election Results


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99% of JStreetPAC-endorsed members of Congress won reelection and not a single incumbent Iran deal supporter was unseated by a deal detractor.


The Jewish Vote

American Jews voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, as they have for every Democratic candidate since 1972. She won 70 percent of the American Jewish vote to Donald Trump’s 25 percent. This put her squarely in the average of the past 12 elections. The figures show once again that the American Jewish community is overwhelmingly progressive, socially liberal and strongly in favor of a foreign policy that focuses first on diplomacy while supporting a two-state solution to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Our Impact

J Street and JStreetPAC made a difference in 2016.